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Increase Business Efficiencies and Improve Profitability

In addition to providing a safer environment for employees and business owners, a CCTV security system can greatly improve business efficiencies and profitability. Thieves and shoplifters are less likely to strike a business that is protected by closed-circuit television cameras.

UNV ColorHunter White Light Cameras​

Introducing the new range of UNV ColorHunter White Light CCTV cameras. You’ll be able to view full-colour images 24/7, no matter how dark the environment is with UNV ColorHunter. 

Built-in LED’s have been designed to allow the F1.0 Lens to capture a huge amount of light, turning night into day. This coupled up with 5MP 16:9 resolution guarantees a high quality and crystal clear image, day and night. 

This camera doesn’t just boast incredible images but a built-in microphone allows you to hear important sounds in the environment, ensuring you don’t miss a thing. The warm light LEDs allow for a true colour image from a low-light environment.

Watch the video to see the UNV ColourHunter in action.​

A properly designed CCTV system provides a huge deterrent against theft from both employees and outsiders and this can greatly improve business profits and efficiency. For example, in a retail environment, a typical convenience store with a turnover of £10,000 per week losses on average 2.7% of turnover per week to shoplifters and internal staff theft, and this equates to £14,450 per year.

But with a closed-circuit television camera system (CCTV), this loss can be reduced to less than 0.7% of turnover which equates to less than £3000 per year.

Watch the Uniview Mini PTZ videos with Autotracking and Active Deterrence Features

Using CCTV systems to monitor the cash registers is a good way of keeping track of transactions and those using the cash registers.

Observe your staff and save thousands:

Do you know what your staff are doing? Do you know what time they arrive and leave, what time they take off for cigarette breaks and how long they chat to their friends? With the minimum wage increasing, your staff could be costing you more than you think.  

The ability for managers to see what is going on throughout their business from their own offices or desks greatly saves on time every day and allows them to get along with their own work rather than spending a lot of their time checking up on everyone else. By reorganizing your staff to work more efficiently you could save yourself a lot of money per year.

Ace4cctv are specialists in the installation of commercial CCTV systems, from shops, offices, schools, warehouses, farms industrial units and building sites.

We offer a free, no-obligation site survey as well as guided advice on the best system to secure your home or business.

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